Debugging a library file

Let’s begin with a bit of background…

The company I currently work for has a bunch of Windows Form products build on .NET 4.5.
As the products are customised for each client that uses them, the product’s project architecture is loosely based on the following

> Core Framework
> Core Product 1
> Client 1
> Core Product 2
> Client 2

Each one of those is a executable product in it’s own right.
Each child is built on top of the parent product. E.g. Client 1 is built on Core Product 1, which uses Core Framework.

Diagnosing performance issues in the database

Often it’s the database that is suspected when performance is surprisingly slow. After dealing with the situation a few times and talking to a couple of DBAs, I’ve established a few approaches to diagnosing where performance issues may lie. Scenario Imagine that you’re working on…