Checking database backup history

Sometimes, especially with large databases, the duration of a backup can be significant (e.g. multiple hours). So, if you’re wondering exactly how far along a backup is, and when it is estimated to complete, you can run the query below I hope that helps!

Excluding FILESTREAM when backing up a Database

When using a script to backup a SQL Server database, it can be tricky to exclude the filestream. But, you can exclude filestream by only including the Primary file group, which typically only includes the data and log files. I hope this helps.

Compressing a database backup

Dealing with moving backups around can be a pain. Which is why I’ve found man of us have zipped the .bak files. The concern I have is that once we wish to use the backup files, they have to be unzipped which means we get…

Backup file can’t be accessed

If you try to restore a database from a backup (using T-SQL, not the UI) and get the following error, this post may be for you. The media family on device ‘D:Test\Test.bak’ is incorrectly formed. SQL Server cannot process this media family. If you see…