Visual Studio Power Tools

Power Tools is an extension application for Microsoft Visual Studio. It is free to download, and is developed by Microsoft.

Here is a summary of the features, from the website

  1. Peek Help
  2. Solution Error Visualizer
  3. Structure Visualizer
  4. Double click to maximize windows
  5. Timestamp margin
  6. Quick tasks – Edit Present On
  7. Ctrl + Click to Peek Definition / Go To Definition
  8. Recently Closed Documents
  9. Match Margin
  10. Power Commands context menu cleanup
  11. Syntactic Line Compression
  12. Quick Tasks
  13. Power Commands
  14. Middle-Click Scrolling
  15. Custom Document Well
  16. Tools Options Support
  17. HTML Copy
  18. Fix Mixed Tabs
  19. Align Assignments
  20. Column Guides

The specific features I find helpful are the reference help text.

A reference count is generated above method signatures.

I use it with Visual Studio 2015.

Get it!