Today I want to say share how great Notepad++ is. I’m actually surprised I haven’t blogged about it before!

At it’s core, it’s a text editor. But here are a few features that I feel make it worth downloading

  • Multiple documents can be opened in a tab layout.
  • Even unsaved documents are still preserved when Notepad++ is closed
  • You can customise themes
  • Some characters are auto-completed (like brackets when typing a method name)
  • It has never lagged for me, even with many many tabs open

For an example of a nice theme, I’ve recently applyed a “Dark Visual Studio” style theme. You can get it here.

In regards to text editors, I have talked about another editor that is specifically useful for developers. It’s called Atom, and you can read the post here.

I should note, I’m plugging this because I personally use it and thing it’s a useful tool.
I don’t get paid or sponsored by any of the authors of the tools I share.

I hope this post helps, and that some of you give it a try!