Unhappy Android phone is unhappy

For something a little different – I’m going to share an issue I found (and thankfully resolved) with my Android mobile phone.

So, I have a Motorola running Android 6 (Marshmallow). I recently updated a few of my apps (one was I think the Android System WebView app), and suddenly many of my apps would force close.

Android System WebView from the Google Play Store.

Android System WebView from the Google Play Store.

Fun times were not had.

I did some research and found this post from Droid Life where it explains an old issue with Android System WebView. It made me suspicious, so I checked my phone. As the app is a internal Android app, I couldn’t access it through the App drawer, so instead I checked the Google Play Store. It turns out it was not installed! “Umm, what?” I’m not sure how that even happened, but as soon as I installed it again everything started working again.

I hope that helps!